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Decrypt error xrp wallet


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Hi all,

Somehow I cannot re- enxrypt my xrp wallet on Gatehub since last year already. I fill in my correct password But then the screen shows an error (error_secret_decrypt). Tried to contact gatehub but their response is very low. All this time their development team was investigating the issue. Last month I received an email from them to send them my old recovery key so they can try to solve this " broken account". When this option not works they will transfer my funds to a new account which I have to open. But I was still afraid to just send them the "old recovery key - so the one which I have created my account with. They assured me that it is not active anymore and they cannot do anything with it. After so emails from my side, gatehub stopped replying! I have send them the old rec key but in an encrypted file (did not send them the password of it) But until now nothing happend. So I have created a new account and have asked them to tranfer my funds to it. who can help me out because it drives me crazy. Just for your understanding, I have my password and I have the old and new recovery key. 880DB467-20FA-467F-9EC4-0FE60115F90D.thumb.jpeg.c2bceaccfaee7d1a469751063e1f27c1.jpeg


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