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In the Ripple Case, the SEC Is Now on Trial - and Knows It


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  • panmores changed the title to In the Ripple Case, the SEC Is Now on Trial - and Knows It

What a conclusion to an article that I could quote every paragraph...moreover it should resonate with the Congress.


It was extremely shortsighted of the SEC to handicap Ripple at a time when the US needs every American crypto leader on board to compete with China. Moreover, the case seems to reveal that former SEC leaders put their personal gain above the well-being of the nation.


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13 minutes ago, kanaas said:

It's not about justice. It's about power and $$$. The threat is Ripple (and XRP), not the other 4235 coins and companies/people behind them

of course. i was a bit ironic..thanks.

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It is only in the US that a government agency can take a private company to court with allegations and assumptions, but without any evidence or facts. It is clear that this opens the door to corruption, especially when the agency operates in the financial sector.

This exaggerated John Wayne mentality has to stop.

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On 4/10/2021 at 2:06 PM, Barefooter said:

Excellent article!  Seems to me that Hinman and Clayton are guilty of multiple criminal activities.

They are obviously not ethical in their actions!


Sadly nothing will happen to either: when was the last time anyone went to jail for financial crimes, maybe Bernie Madoff but his public sentencing was just to keep the mob at bay. Clayton already has his new director position at Apollo now that Leon Black stepped down on sexual harassment claims. It would be difficult for an AG to go after Clayton and flat out prove he was on the take somehow, even though that's what we all suspect. Hinman has a $1,000,000 in the bank from the Ethereum Foundation so he'd be an easier target for prosecution it seems, "consulting fees" or whatever BS he's calling it.

Revolving doors and quid pro quo is SOP for the finance world. It's just scummy that Ethereum Foundation is in on it too, paying off regulators to look the other way and crush competition through lawsuits.


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relative to above, I know its not Ripple & it's in Germany, but this may catch on in US, that they/(gov't regulatory agencies) can face criminal investigations and charges, including the individuals involved, ie- for instance employees trading the said assets, & whatever else they uncover.


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On 4/10/2021 at 10:47 AM, panmores said:

This is well written gold. Too many worthwhile quotes to share, read the whole thing please.


Excellent article. Especially the following:

‘Conflict of interest concerns could also intensify for Hinman, now back at his old firm Simpson Thacher, which paid him a $1.6 million annual pension while he worked at the SEC. ’

I did not know Simpson Thatcher was knee deep in Ethereum. Excellent discovery.

Maybe it’s time for these gentlemen to serve some jail time.👍

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