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How to get Issues -SOLVED-


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Posts in this forum section with "-SOLVED-" at the end of the title mean the question or issues raised has been successfully resolved.
This is used for three reasons.
1) It helps newcomers to the forum, or to ripple in general, who may have similar questions or issues in the future.
2) It allows helpful more experienced forum members see which questions or issues still need help.
3) It allows forum members see that their concerns are being addressed and allows a starting point for new and experienced members to help one another- in short, it fosters community.
For posters:
First be polite. This is a volunteer community forum. No one here has to help and while your issue is frustrating keep in mind no one here wants to see you fail.
Second. Before you post a question or issue, first take the time to read the section to see if it has been already addressed. If not then create a post with a title that clearly states your question or issues, this allows it be found more easily by those best able to help.
Lastly, if your are happy that your question or concern has been addressed add -SOLVED- to the end of the threads title. Moderators can help with this, but it is preferable if the threads author makes the change to ensure they feel that the question or issues has actually been addressed.
For experienced members:
If you are a member helping answer or resolve an issue make sure that the steps can be easily followed. Be patient, we were all new to this at one point. If you feel that the question or issue has been addressed suggest the threads author add -SOLVED- to the title. It can be frustrating to answer the same question over and over again.


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