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How to retrieve secret keys : "s" number


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Hi I wonder if anyone can assist?

I purchased xrp in 2013 and stored the coins on Ripple Trading wallet which ceased to trade. I was e-mailed by the Ripple Trading asking me to migrate my xrp to another wallet (Gatehub was suggested). My issue is I don't have the secret S numbers. Otherwise I still have to my wallet at Ripple Trade my user name, password and my email address that I initially registered with. Plus some kind of authentication key with Ripple.com wallet.

But no "s" number. I heard you can retrieve your secret key if you have your password, user name etc. Is that true? Or have I lost the xrp coins? Can Gatehub help? Where can I go to retrieve my 's' number?

I still have my xrp in my public ledger when I go to the xrp blockchain. The coins are still intact.

Thank you.

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I am in the exact same situation. I have my email, password and a long authentication password from 2013. I was able to reach ripple trade in 2017 to migrate to the new ripple at gate hub. They were supposed to send me the 29character secret key starting with s. I never received it. Another person on a forum was able to get the key and access. Ripple Trade no longer exists and they were in possession of the secret keys. Did you finally get access? How do I see if my ripple is still on the public ledger? Maybe we can figure this out together?



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