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GateHub Verification Delay


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Dear GateHub users,

due to enormous increase in new registrations during the past week many accounts are still waiting to get verified on GateHub.

GateHub's staff will be working 24/7 during the weekend to clear the backlog. We expect delays to be resolved by Monday.

We invite new users to read this guide: http://blog.gatehub.net/post/159186192497/gatehub-user-guide


You don't need to wait in order to deposit/withdraw/trade BTC, ETH, ETC and REP. Accounts connecting to GateHub Fifth will be automatically verified with a valid phone number. Full ID verification is only required for USD, EUR and XAU.


All accounts with a verified phone number will receive 30 XRP automatically. If you don't receive XRP please write your ripple address here: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/2979-gatehub-wallet-funding/

Support tickets are also expected to be cleared over the weekend. For important messages please prefix the subject line of the email with "URGENT".

We apologize for the wait and thank you for being patient. Our support and developers will help you as soon as they can.

Kind regards,

Enej Pungercar,
Founder and CEO of GateHub


For general information about Ripple, RCL and ILP please use this forum to ask questions. Our community is great and many members here will be happy to help you.


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