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Atomic wallet exchange question


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If anyone could / knows would be great!! 

Can i purchase coin X on atomic then exchange fairly soon after for XRP within my atomic wallet?

A US citizen cannot buy XRP at atomic at this time of course but I also cannot confirm if one can exchange for xrp. Support is backed up they say.

Dont want to buy another coin and be stuck with it. Thanks in advance!

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There is no reason you ... as a US citizen ... can't buy XRP. 

You need to disabuse yourself of that notion. 

After you investigate the exchange rate on Atomic, the question is "Why in the world would you want to buy XRP there?" 

As I type this, Atomic is charging $0.73 per XRP, but the market rate is $0.645!!! 


Also ... are you aware that you've asked essentially the same question on 4 different threads now? 


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Greetings! As I understood from what I read above, you already had an unpleasant experience with cryptocurrency trading. Could you tell us more about this please. I would very much like to know the reasons and problems of novice crypto investors. If you are a US citizen, then certain brokers may deny you access to trading this cryptocurrency. My advice to you is that you should try to trade with a foreign broker. I recently found a site on the Internet where you can find a lot of useful information - smartoptions.io. Hope I helped you. Good luck!

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