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If anyone could / knows would be great!! 

Can i send another coin to atomic and exchange it there for xrp? A US citizen cannot but XRP at atomic at this time of course but I also cannot confirm if one can exchange for xrp. Support is backed up they say.

Dont want to buy another coin and be stuck with it. Thanks in advance!

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Correction: A US citizen can buy XRP. There is nothing wrong with you doing so. 

Whether a certain exchange currently offers it or not is a different story. 

In your previous post I suggested you buy them via Bitrue. Another method to buy them is with US-based Uphold. You can link your bank account/credit card and buy XRP until your heart is content on Uphold ... and at reasonably closer-to-market-rates than Atomic Wallet. I personally loathe Uphold. Not only is their User-Interface is horrible, but I can cite some pretty appalling ethical violations by their upper management. It's a personal thing for me. 

Even with my hangup, I'd use Uphold 100 days out of 100 over Atomic Wallet. 

And I'd use Bitrue 100 days out of 100 over Uphold. 

LMK if that didn't make sense or if you have any other questions. 


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