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Recover XRP wallet and reset


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I'm trying to find a solution to recover my XRP from my wallet and close the account. I have 20 XRP sitting in the wallet and want to delete the account and recover the XRP if possible.

I have my private key starting with s.....

What wallet software can I use to import my key, and reset/close the account to get my 15 or 20 XRP back?

I understand the concept of the 20XRP reserve requirement, however also read there is a way to get 15 back.  Pls help!

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You can install Xumm on your phone, import the secret key, then follow the instructions here: https://support.xumm.app/hc/en-us/articles/360018166359-How-to-delete-your-on-ledger-XRP-account

This uses the xumm.community site combined with the Xumm app to make the deletion.

Note: don't send the recovered XRP straight to an exchange, it will probably not accept them as a deposit.

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I am sorry that I hijack this thread but I have a similar problem. I have my passphrase, password and key (starts with s and is 29 characters long) from Ripple Desktop Wallet. I tried to import the wallet with XUMM using the secret key but the box that you input the key is always red and doesn't accept the key. Any suggestions?

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