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Is RippleChina/RippleCN still operational?


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I was trying to reach out to whoever is operating these gateways, but the email went silent. Judging by activity of redemptions and issuances, I must be missing something. 
Hence the question:

1. Do you use RippleChina/RippleCN?

2. How do you manage to redeem their assets?


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I have suspected that they are the new SnapSwap- tradeable assets of dead gateways- for a while now. I wonder if the crackdown on Chinese bitcoin exchanges have affected these operators as well, although they have gone silent long before that

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I've used RippleChina once or twice without any problem (XRP->CNY->XRP). Ripple Fox has more liquid market, tried them several times without any issues. 

Just for trading or for actual gateway services (fiat onboarding or exits). You can still trade snapswap IOUs, it's still a dead gateway
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