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Deconstructing the SEC's Cryptocurrency-Suppression Program


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An informative legal breakdown in JDSupra of the SEC's bumbling in the crypto-sphere ... and how their Ready-Shoot-Aim approach led to where we are. 

In Part I, they spotlight the SEC’s sleight-of-hand in its anti-cryptocurrency efforts and why/how it claims jurisdiction over cryptocurrencies. They establish that "the SEC’s program has ignored the jurisdictional limitation imposed on the agency"

In Part II, they discuss specific parts of the SEC’s history of suppressing crypto. They start with a 2013 warning about crypto because it could be used in fraudulent schemes (failing to warn about the dollar because it could be used likewise.) They then analyze a few cases that bring us to the Ripple case today. Specifically SEC v Shavers and the DAO investigation. 

Good stuff :-) 

Well ... if you like this kind of stuff that is.  


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