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"a kind of tokenised version of any object on the planet" - Interview with Hugo Philion


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Nice little interview with Hugo Philion, CEO of Flare Ltd (a for-profit entity which will exist in the Flare network ecosystem but will not control the network when it goes live). The discussion is about the registry system Handshake and how it can be used with Flare and TLDs (Top-Level Domain) and SLD (Second-Level Domains). I don't understand exactly what it is but it seems like a registry system for basically anything.  

Key points:

Flare public testnet will be up in mid-April, aiming for network launch at the end of June

Flare envisages using TLDs and SLDs to tokenize everything. (14:13)

"The last (use) is as a kind of tokenised version of any object on the planet, whether it's actual physical space like a 3x3 foot representation, or whether it's [...] a barrel of oil that is sweet crude from Aramco or a barrel of oil that is sour crude from Petrobras. These are just physical objects but they can be identifiers to anything that can tokenised and traded in the real world." 



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