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A Question About Claiming Flare Spark FLR Using Ledger Nano & ETH Address Which Was Created w/ Ledger Nano ETH App


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I'm having trouble finding a solid answer to this question. Seems like such a straightforward and obvious question but I see others asking it on Youtube, Twitter and forums. They either don't get answers at all or the answer are not definitive. So let me see if I can get a solid yay or nay answer once and for all.

This question being asked:

If someone created their Flare ETH compatible address by using the ETH APP on their LEDGER DEVICE, will this ETH ADDRESS be able to receive the FLR Spark tokens when Flare Network is launched?

I admit I'm somewhat a dumb dumb with some of these details. For starters...I never used ETH in my life until I needed to complete this task. But I do think I understand why people are worried about this specific issue. They wonder how the ETH address will interact with an entirely different network (Flare) if it was created / set up to access the ETH Network.

To explain further explain:
- user generated an ETH ADDRESS using the ETH APP on their LEDGER NANO DEVICE
- All seems correctly configured and their XRP address correctly shows their ETH address in the message field (in it's modified Flare format)
- this address is, I think (im dumb dumb remember), configured to only connect to the ETH NETWORK
- SO...once FLARE is launched, how will this ETH ADDRESS be able to interact with Flare Network since it's set up to work on ETH Network
- As far as I can tell, there's no way to modify the ETH address to say "Flare Network not ETH Network"
- I assume I could, as a last resort, export private keys from the Ledger device...but this does not seem like a good solution nor recommended unless absolutely necessary

Here is the best answer I found so far for others researching the issue. But I did not feel like I had a solid answer and so created my own post.


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It's just the concept that you need to grasp. An address is just basically a location within a blockchain/network.

The ETH address is an address on the ETH network.  Your ledger device currently points to the address only on the ETH network.  An address is not configured to point to any specific network. It only represents an address location within that network. The device (or software wallet) is what is configured to point to a particular network when transacting tokens held at that address.

The same address location is (and will) also be an address that will exist on the Flare Network when it goes live as well.  Your free Spark Token will be delivered to that exact Address on the Flare Network. However in order to access that Flare Network address and the tokens there, you will need a Flare wallet/ modified ledger software  that points to the flare network.  

An analogy might be the same street address that exists in two different cities.. where each city is a different blockchain/network.

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1 hour ago, JIP said:

They wonder how the ETH address will interact with an entirely different network (Flare) if it was created / set up to access the ETH Network.


From my faq about the airdrop:    

  • Why are we talking about Etherium addresses then?

The idea is that Etherium devs will be able to cut and paste their smart contract code directly from Etherium to Flare.  That’s the way they want to lure the devs...  look, your code runs faster and cheaper and the transactions are near instant.  Just move it here and it will run seamlessly.

To achieve that they have cloned the Etherium smart contract engine, which necessarily means that the addressing in Flare must be of the same format as Etherium.  So every valid Etherium address is also a valid Flare address on that seperate network.

Since the Flare wallets are not yet live,  the suggestion is you create a Etherium address using a Etherium wallet (eg MEW wallet) and simply use its address and private key.  It is critical that when you do that,  you record the 24 word phrase that will let you rebuild the private key over in the Flare wallet when that goes live.

From later in that thread:





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