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Help with transferring USD from Coinbase to Uphold


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Swapped the XLM into ETH for free, sent that o Uphold and then swapped that for XRP.


Anyone know the cheapest way I can send my usd from coinbase to uphold? I tried converting the USD into XLM but uphold doesn’t give me an address I can send it to, so I converted some of the XLM into USDC and sent ONE DOLLAR and the fee was 5 dollars because it uses the Ethereumnetwork to send the funds. That’s just not gonna work out. 

I asked this in another thread last night after seeing the latest discovery bits being discussed by Hogan and didn’t wanna miss the opportunity. Woke up to a pump already and I’m feeling a bit sore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Updated to show the issue has been resolved.
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