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My computer Chromebook did an automatic factory reset, even had to change my password on my email. After reloading everything on I am not able to log on to my xrp wallet with my passcode. I have the capture saved but can't figure it out with all the whole column of letters and numbers. Need help please

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I'm a little confused. The EXP wallet appears to be an Ethereum wallet and Ripple hasn't supported it's own wallet in years. Ripple wallets today are all made by third parties.

I know of three ways to import a wallet:

1) The row and column thing you mentioned.

2) A secret key - a long string of characters that starts with 's'.

3) Or a recovery phrase - a list of words in order.

Do you have one of those (don't share it here, just yes or no)?


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25 minutes ago, Melinda said:

I have a row that starts "rpsecret" : 8.... long code.  And my 6 word code won't work......  Did I get hacked?

I don't think you got hacked. Wallets are stored on your laptop, not on a server somewhere. When you reset your computer, you lost the wallet. When you created your wallet they would have given you something to be able to re-import it and told you to write it down and save it. But I don't know what wallet software you're using and I don't recognize the things you're telling me.

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