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The Bull and SWIFT - the competition is hotting up - did the SEC slowdown Ripple so as to allow SWIFT to catch up?


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I mentioned this maybe 2 year ago on here.  SWIFT has friends in high places specifically because of what they do for the the U.S government, when it comes to financial sanctions SWIFT plays a vital role in helping the US enforce these sanctions on offending countries.  If countries pull away from swift and go with the XRP ledger then well you figure it out.  If you notice now you hear talks of regulating exchanges which I won't argue this needs to happen but there is a larger agenda looming here, if they can't dictate the source we will dictate the method by which it moves.  Otherwise you can be as free as you want but were going to put your car on a flat and revoke your air travel so you have a hard time moving.  Once the smoke clears on the SEC mess etc, don't be surprised if you see a Ripple Swift partnership because SWIFT can't or the US Government can't stop ripple on a global scale but that does not mean that they can't strongly influence policy by working within the organizations that facilitate how XRP moves.  This lawsuit is about buying time to integrate and not just technology but placing the right people in the right spots!!  Garlinghouse himself has stated numerous times "We want to work with regulators!!"  You don't hire a bunch of former government brass just for their looks, you hire them because they have connections and they know the in's and outs that will more than likely get you in!! I don't have data to prove such and maybe someone will stumble onto something but I would wager on that there is some kind of integration between swift and the XRP ledger being constructed or already has been and is just waiting for the proper timing to be let loose. Think about it "Who stands to benefit from this delay?"  Not the consumer, Not the SEC(With Legal cost etc any money made in a settlement will be peanuts when it's payed out for expenses of this fiasco, If this goes to trial and just say the SEC wins Ripple just moves operations overseas and countries like Russia, China, Iran adopt the XRPLedger.)No the benefactors here would be SWIFT(The delay buys time to align, etc) and an entity you would least expect Ripple itself and of course Uncle Sam doesn't loose it's ability to dictate democracy when he so feels like it.

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