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John Deaton files Motion to Intervene re SEC vs Ripple

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Personally, I really like what Deaton is doing. He's fighting the good fight. I don't care about Brad's or Chris's holdings or if they have to pay a fine. They should have done a better job at distrib

The SEC said everything will be decided in New York. So, here we come.  

@Cambridge Your spot on about Deaton. I'm very happy. I feel indebted to him. Having read it in its entirety, I'm very pleased with his filing.  I feel represented.   

48 minutes ago, brianwalden said:

His demeanor is not what I'm looking for in a lawyer, but I can't help but think of Lincoln's response to being asked to replace General Grant: "I cannot spare this man, he fights."

I agree.  I would prefer someone just a tad more aggressive, but Chesty Puller was unavailable, so we'll just have to make do. :)

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41 minutes ago, Gambaard said:

Any chance us foreigners can join in too? :P

yes you can. The only purpose of this whole ordeal is to send a message to the judge. Call it a scream for help/sympathy.

This case has little legal merit, but I don't think the judge will completely ignore 10.000 people asking for clarity. 

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15 hours ago, RobertHarpool said:

for example: at founding, Ripple was 'charged' to use 20B for future operations and distribute 60B to encourage network growth

Somehow I never knew this detail, thanks for sharing.

Am I the last to realize then, this is why RL has stopped selling much XRP at the 50B mark - assuming around 10B has already be distributed to entities thru SWELL and others ?

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2 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

I have just added my name and comments

If you have not manged to do so yet, this is the form you need


Thanks. I have filled in the form. Don't think it'll be consequential to current SEC vs Ripple case but an expression of discontent with how current SEC has behaved nevertheless. I thank you John Deaton. Your work has shown more "protection for the small investors" than SEC ever have.

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