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A Little Birdie Told Me...

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2 hours ago, gamblin310 said:

Demand for Ripple stock is VERY strong right now on the secondary market.

First-order logic on that one would maybe look something like the following bit:

IF one assumes that the big fight is over escrow, AND IF one assumes that it's going to remain Ripple's property, THEN... only one way to get a vote on what to do with it.

And that's to take a position in Ripple stock.  I haven't looked at the cap table / share class structures / voting power per class in a while;  does that all look on the level or anything Google/Facebook-y about it where 2% of the shares somehow control 99% of the voting rights?  I've never been a fan of that - needs to be fixed, if so, pre-IPO.

The voting rights are where most of the value is located, long-term... if those aren't distributed evenly, then it's just another "along for the ride with the founders" thingie (and the stock will never trade like it ought to, reflecting an extremely long-term competition over short-term micro-monetary RippleNet policy/rates/etc).

I like a little more discipline in my public company mgmt teams... Apple never would have started paying a dividend / provided discipline if they hadn't addressed that bit;  they'd just be plodding along like fb/goog/twtr/amzn, totally subject to whims of management doing whatever it fancied (with no accountability to shareholders).

(I used to be sort of blase about that... until some of those companies became monopolies...  Nowadays I'm a little more attuned to the value of shareholder governance.  Nothing personal - doesn't matter who's running what company - if I own "shares" but I don't get a say via voting rights, what do I really own?)

(That's probably why a lot of these Class B / tracking issues for big companies provide like 1/1-millionth of a vote per share - otherwise they'd just be legally classified as like "Congratulations, you own a collectible stamp issued by Alphabet, Inc which provides you no voting rights or profit sharing - but ain't it pretty?  Soon, we're going to issue them on an NFT-blockchain - we know how you like buzzwords! - and then everyone will know that that tiny piece of Google memorabilia is yours - and only yours!*  Also, we'll be instituting a registration fee, yearly, to renew your license to actually own the thing that we're not quite sure what to call, just yet - but the PR dept is working on something fabulous to make you feel like it's really something.  Pricing to come, soon!")

How *those* ever got past SEC and listed/traded on *stock* / *securities* markets was always a mystery to me... but now that I see what they mean by "protecting investors" - it all becomes a little clearer...

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supposition turned into a genuine question, which turned into a rant, then rant got longer
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9 hours ago, gamblin310 said:

My birdies are better than the average birdies. :biggrin:

The biggest Birdie in this showdown is the Effin enormous American Eagle, Bird of Prey, the SEC,. Who appears to be very hungry. bird looking GIF




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I can give some perspective here. The most recent secondary market offering was for $18, right after their most recent VC round valuing Ripple at $10B. 

At some point, there were plenty of offers from those secondary market buyers themselves and those offers went up to $65 (I may have even seen $90. Don’t remember). Let’s call this the tertiary market.

Today, I don’t see any offers any more. That means they were either gobbled up, or those who were offering to sell withdrew their offers. 

Ripple, the company, has been having an astounding amount of growth consistently for the past few years. I’m sure the valuation of Coinbase at $100B has something to do with the increased interest in Ripple. I expect them to go public as soon as there is a resolution in this case - say within 12 months of the resolution.

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26 minutes ago, thinlyspread said:

I expect the Coinbase IPO (and general bubble fever in stocks, SPACs, etc) is driving a frenzy of demand and expectations for cmpanies like Ripple. 

First thing I thought aswell. Ripple is expected to be amongst the first crypto unicorns to go public. 

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What it has to do with XRP? Ripple did everything to show that only thing for XRP is: sell, sell and sell.

Together they sold XRP on 2B USD and how much they bough back? 

Really apart speculative pump and dump there is 0 interest to buy XRP.

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Ripple stock you say? Ah yes...I was wondering when I get my XRP dividend.  The stock broker that introduced these XRP investment contracts to me promised a quarterly dividend based on the company performance.  I hear the Ripple board are trying to avoid issuing these payouts.  Luckily us investors have the SEC on our side - they'll sort those rogues out! /s

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