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Feature Bounty: 100 XRP to Extend FleXRP to support Private Keys


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Feature bounty: Dev Null Productions will pay 100 XRP to the first developer to submit a pull request to FleXRP adding support for #XRP private keys, while maintaining existing support for the secret key.




This is a commonly requested feature as many wallets only allow exporting the private key and not the family seed. To be eligible for the bounty:


- A pull request must be submitted to the FleXRP repository on github

- The patch shall add support for specification of a private key in hexadecimal in the existing 'secret key' field

- The input field label shall be updated to 'XRP Secret Key / Private Key'

- If a private key is specified, the patch shall verify it's validity

- If a private key is specified, it shall be used to sign a valid XRP transaction when the form is submitted

- Existing support for the secret key shall not be broken

- README documentation shall be updated to reflect a secret key or private key may be specified

- Code shall be clean, documented, written according to standards, and in accordance to existing style of the application


The first developer that submits a pull request satisfying these requirements shall be eligible to receive 100 XRP upon verification and merging into the codebase.


Inorder to claim the payout the developer must provide Dev Null Productions an XRP address which to send the payout to, including destination tag if applicable.

This address may be provided directly in the pull request, by direct message on xrpchat or twitter (@DevNullProd) or via email (devnullproductions@gmail.com).

If address is provided by direct message or email, the pull request must reference the associated xrpchat account / twitter account / email address which will be sending the address.


Happy hacking!


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Hi @FlyingFox, thanks for the PR! I tried it out and it worked great. There are a few changes that need to be made before it can be accepted though, please check github. One they are made, I will merge, and send you a DM to coordinate the bounty distribution!

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