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What's the safest way to hold xrp?

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Hey everyone,


Just wondering what everyone here uses for their accumulation? I'm a bit wary leaving it on an exchange.. I'm thinking if a ledger but was wondering if anyone here uses a hot wallet like xummm?




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I've always used a software wallet like XUMM, and just recently moved my XRP into CeFi - if I get burned for trying to make a little bit of interest, I'll be kicking myself. If the Flare Network offers a good source of passive income, I'll probably convert my XRP into FXRP.

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10 hours ago, Mykelkc said:

I don’t know about xummm, downloaded the app but never used it

 I store my XRP to Ledger Nano X 

haha ledger, the irony

yes i store in ledger as well, and am lucky enough to not lose it due to my higher common sense IQ

due to the Ledger email data leak, scammers are able to come up with very convincing email phishing scams to get your coins

so on one hand you stored your coins safely in ledger, but on the other hand got scammed by the scam artist who masqueraded as "Ledger" because Ledger leaked the email

i didnt got scammed, but very annoying to keep dealing with the "Ledger" emails asking for my private keys

some part of the country got even worse, the scam email actually threatens their safety unless they give up their coins, claiming they know where you live to instill massive fear in you, im lucky im not part of that affected user

Thanks ledger ;')

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Yes, bad news for ledger on the leak for certain. They messed up

but just as we are responsible for securing : maintaining our private keys & security thereof, let’s also be a bit more diligent, responsible and recognize a phishing expedition when/if it happens. Like what occurred with Ledger. 

These scams only works if you actively participate and fall for the trick. Surely we all have had a chance to help a president of some third world country bank to move currency for a long lost relative. Lol. 

When in doubt go to the source.
DO NOT CLICK THRU, FOLLOW or otherwise respond. Surely never share your keys, recovery phrases. 

from the ledger site :

“... Ledger users are continuously targeted by phishing attacks on social media, search engines and via email. Attackers are able to perfectly imitate Ledger's website, content or applications to lure users into entering their 24-word recovery phrase. Please be very cautious. If you're asked to provide your recovery phrase OR to send crypto assets, it's a malicious attack....” 

In this age, we must always be less of a victim, more of an aware crypto investor suspect of such activity. 

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😂 at least then you can be less of a target of ridicule and most importantly, you’d be well on your way to joining the BTC_maxi_club !  lol  

now back to the OP orig inquiry... not so sure conversion is anymore “safe” or even less volatile ! 

cold wallet whatever coin you choose. 

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