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Kinda like the Dec 22 SEC lawsuit vs Ripple announcement did..far from your suggested price projection tho @ .17 quite certain many folks would buy the dip, if it even comes close. Doubtful 

let’s not forget, this is the US SEC not the world....others have already addressed this, not bound by US regulation.  UK, Japan, S. Korea to name a few  

Even so .... quite an interesting way of protecting US investors by your suggestion .... inducing panic selling which could harm more than it would help. Seems to me more nonsensical FUD tactics.

best to HODL through the current correction which has affected the entire crypto market, less to do with current state of SEC / Ripple suit. 

let’s see what happens with a new chair, possibly confirmed this week. 

XRP has almost retraced back to 12/22/20 price, the day of the SEC lawsuit announcement. 


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