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I'm sorry, unfortunately you have probably been scammed.

"Peninsula Software" on the app stores, with their scam "Droplet" and "Toast Plus" apps have been hitting quite a lot of people over the past few weeks, as you can see by reading the recent posts in this section of the forum.

If you deposited XRP into the Droplet wallet by this company, it has probably been stolen.

At least it seems like Droplet has now been removed from both app stores, although Toast Plus is still up.

If you'd like a recommendation, XUMM is one of the most trusted XRP wallet apps at the moment.

It's disgusting that these apps have been up for so long and found so many victims, I hope you weren't hit too hard by this :(

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What about my Spark tokens are they safe ? Or will this be taken when the time comes 

I move my seeds from Toast wallet so I could receive my Spark tokens.

can anyone tell me if the Spark tokens will be taken as well also can I stop this ?

Best regards 


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Sorry for your loss. I was just thinking about the spark tokens for all the hacked accounts. The snapshot has been taken, but since your account is deleted, I don't think Spark will be able to read your flame address if it was set.

Maybe it is possible to re-activate the wallet with your existing secret, immediately change it to a different regular key (and disable master key)

After that, set the flare address with the new regular key. If that works, I think you should be able to recieve the spark tokens.

You will lose another 20XRP for activation...

@nikb would this work??

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3 minutes ago, Denxxx said:

Hero thanks for your reply, this scam wallet has my keys ( Droplet ) so doing what you have advised could stop them getting my Spark tokens? 

best regards 


Can anyone tell me Flares address so I don’t get scammed again by someone else 

best regards 

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I have activated my Toast wallet again , if I change the master key to a regular key won’t the hackers be able to change it again ? Do you think Flare network will help if I inform the that I have been hacked

thank you

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