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ADA - On The Move, Mary Hardfork, Get some free tokens by registering to vote Catalyst Fund


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Today ADA is 24% up verses BTC - showing highest volume (except Tether) on Binance today (ADA is 107m, BTC 82m).

"Mary HF" is going to be pretty ground breaking, smart contracts, multi-asset ledger, native tokens...
all the erc20 tokens will move over for lower fees using the erc20 converter, one would expect?)

Project Catalyst Fund3 voting instructions:


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Top Posters In This Topic

ADA saved my but in the drop we just had all across the board.  I pulled out right when it started to drop.  Everything else stunk.  But ADA at least offset the overall losses.  I'm thinking of moving everything over to ADA when things start to move upward again.  (Except for any XRP.  I would not part with one piece of it.)

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