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I wanted to transfer some Xrp from the Toast wallet and left 20 xrp , then I got this message (An erro occurred when trying to make your payment. this can occur if the gateways Toast Wallet connect's to are overloaded, it can also occur if your payment details are incorrect or the sending or receiving reserve is not met tellNSUF_FeE_P). It failed several times until my account was not activated. No transactions were registered in the transaction list.

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Do you mean that you now have 0 XRP in the account? That would be strange because that error should not cause anything to be taken from the account.

If you look up your wallet address on Bithomp.com, does it show any transactions that may have caused this?

Also, are you sure you're using the real Toast wallet? There's at least one fake scam version available at the moment, called "Toast Plus".

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I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you didn't lose too many XRP.

To make sure you're aware, the real Toast wallet is discontinued and no longer available.

The destination address you posted certainly looks like it's related to a scam. Lots of deleted accounts sending XRP there as their final act :(

You could help the community by reporting the address here: https://xrplorer.com/forensics/submit/r3Ke7BFJGeB7gBZT2r4fpquFXLQmtMWb6V and providing as much detail about the scam as possible.

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22 hours ago, Younes said:

Tanx . I chek it . Unfortunately I used toast plus and I lost all my xrp.  May it be a lesson.  Can anyone help me?  Destination address



This is the same address that my xrp was sent to, mine was taken from the Droplet wallet, the worrying thing is can they take my spark tokens when the time come ?

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