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Jay Clayton joins apollo

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EDIT:  Do to assumptions as pointed out by others please note that Jay Clayton joined Apollo Global Managment and not Apollo Fintech. 



(Original comment based on assumptions) It is interesting that the former Director of the SEC plowed Ripple with a lawsuit prior to leaving the SEC and then joining the management team of Apollo and cryptocurrency that has the potential to compete with xrp. 


https://www.ft.com/content/37ed804b-106a-43c5-a10e-7dcc4a3f9345 (A link to one of a few articles floating about this).

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1 hour ago, brianwalden said:

Apollo Global Management, where Clayton went, and Apollo Fintech, the DLT company, are two different companies. I don't know that they have any relation.

One is a multi billion investment company in New York, the other is a small time, mainly Russian sounding development team, low cap coin without a properly working website aiming at changing the banking world. Take a guess at which one Clayton took a job...

There are 8545 coins currently, one is named Apollo. Let's sue Clayton! :lol:

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1 hour ago, Julian_Williams said:

The company Jay Clayton keeps - more bad news for SEC.  SEC relationship with Clayton is a reputation SEC needs to distance itself from!



This however is interesting indeed... but fully legal ofcourse. Charges were dropped, right ;) It's fine to go work at a company that was previously under your investigating scope. Nothing to see, please walk on.

I guess he couldn't find anything on Ripples 'Careers and Jobs' page... Or Brad and Chris laughed and did not hire him after the interview.

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