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Any wallets let you trade XRP in-wallet?

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I know the obvious answer to this is Ripple's built in exchange, but the lack of quality gateways makes it nearly unusable. Maybe in a few months Flare will bridge over the F-assets and we'll be able to trade them.

Atomic Wallet lets you trade XRP, but the rates are pretty terrible.

Exodus Wallet lets you trade XRP but it won't let me because I'm in NY. Maybe it's time for a VPN.

Trust Wallet can hold XRP, but I could only find BEP2 XRP tokens to trade. That only works if I was just trading them within the wallet, but I'd have to sell them for something else to move them out, right?

Any other wallets?

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To answer my own question, Sologenic also came out with a wallet with built in DEX at the beginning of the month.

Unfortunately the trading on the DEX is anemic. But as a New Yorker with very limited options, at least I can sell XRP for USD.Bitatamp if XRP does a 2017-like parabolic peak.

I hope that Flare will create trustless bridges for F-assets and revive the DEX.

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