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Xrp skrill suspension


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Hello guys , I'm here coz I'm very concerned about my xrp ! I'm holding in skrill and they're supported by Coinbase so now my xrp are not able to trade or even to move it into any type of wallet , they said to me if I want more information I need a lawyer or legal entity to contact them !!! I'm very upset with this people and they not even saying to me if they trying to sort this out or any type of information .. is anyone out there affected also ? Can it be possible to have some advice ? Thanks so much 

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Sorry ... I don't have much. 

You could contact the CFPB (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). This is a link to their complaint page. I've sic'ed them on a few exchanges in the past and got super prompt results. .... as in within 10 minutes of receiving my notice of complaint from the CFPB. Note that CFPB was greatly weakened under the last administration, so I don't know how many teeth they have left .... 


PS ... I wonder what would happen if one filed a complaint against the SEC via the CFPB ... 



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