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AnchorUSD is fast for purchase of crypto but Will NOT ALLOW ME TO MOVE UT TO MY WALLET!!! Have send 4 emails, and no response whatsoever. Process shows moving is possible, but requires amount of cryptos AND dollar amount before Send button appears. When it enter dollar amount listed as current value, and oress SEND, red text message appears saying my funds haven’t cleared yet, which is BS. Account there with successful crypto purchases been active for weeks now. The zero customer service response makes me afraid they’re planning on holding my crypto hostage, or stealing it outright. Advise AGAI ST using AnchorUSD!

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It’s me again, with an apology.

AnchorUSD allowed me to transfer ALL of my crypto coins to my personal wallet. Apparently, it was a matter of waiting until they were sure my bank would not take back the money I deposited. Once they had that assurance, all my transfers were granted. 
They should have provided some kind of notice about this issue, but I found nothing offered on their part. 
However, I can say now with confidence that they are on the up and up.

Robert Johnson 


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