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Sounds ridiculous but when you look at the XRP log chart, the Fib shows exactly that.  Bro, XRP hasn't even started to pump to the upside of the Fib yet until it hits ATH again, 1 on the Fib chart (~$2.90-3.50).


For any of you who missed @JamesRuleXRP interview, the interviewee makes a similar 'prediction'. He's of the opinion that if CBs all agree XRP is going to be the standard, it'll top out around $10k-35k. I think he's implying this would be the range without XRP/FXRP being used in smart contracts/NFTs/derivates. Basically a full Fib extension filled ~$35,000/XRP.

Personally I think he's missing the derivatives part of the equation (FXRP). What percentage of the XRP market will be CBDCs exchange vs smart contracts/derivatives is hard to say, but what if all stocks, commodities, real estate, vehicle titles, artwork are NFT'd?

Now you're talking all the money, instant swaps of physical assets on the XRPL/FlareNetworks with no middlemen. I'd say that would likely dwarf CBDCs exchange, maybe 30:70 even?

Cardano is also in the game with some others, but Ripple definitely has some markets cornered, like the banking sector. With all the people dying to defect from Ethereum to avoid the gas fees price-gouging, Cardano and FlareNetworks are going to suck up a lot of their business. There's a reason ADA and FXRP are Ethereum-language compatible.


So what would it take to max out XRP at $10k-$35k? 

1. CBDCs minted: Obviously SEC resolution. Whatever they decide, needs to be clearly over.  Centrals banks are working on minting CBDCs through RippleX (on the XRPL I'm assuming) and would have to be in place.  Once that's done, along with #2, stick a fork in it, XRP is ready.

2. FlareNetworks online (derivatives/smart contracts/NFTs Q2-2021):  Gala Games and all the other parties that are going to use FlareNetworks to mint NFTs etc will take up a nice chunk of XRP (as converted into FXRP, locking up said XRP). Also anyone who has Spark should be able to milk a steady return on staking (to mint FXRP for smart contracts). HODL them Sparkies.

Not if but When NFTs move into tokenizing physical assets, who knows? Once FlareNetworks is online, the door is open for NFTs for stocks, real estate, commodities, smart contracts for insurance, loans, rental/purchase agreements, etc. 


Consider that the entire fractal up to now has been 100% pure, retail, 0.5% of the population speculation. Sure MoneyGram is using XRP, but we're waiting for the CBs and smart contracts/derivatives to come online.

Once they do, faces are going to melt.


As for price speculation, anywhere from $17-$200 in the next year or two based on pure speculation. When the utility switch is flipped, 4-digits and beyond.

Interview below, worth the 30 minutes.


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Ok, so XRP will be worth as all world currencies combined. BG will be able to buy South America and CL North America.  Seriously, are people really that retarded to believe in this crap???

Sounds ridiculous but when you look at the XRP log chart, the Fib shows exactly that.  Bro, XRP hasn't even started to pump to the upside of the Fib yet until it hits ATH again, 1 on the Fib chart (~$

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1 hour ago, Ripley said:

Sorry, but this is pure trash. TA has its place but it at best provides signals. It does not forecast. Don’t listen to people who claim otherwise, because you’re gonna lose the shirt off your back.

Could not agree more. Let's see how XRP clears the SEC lawsuit. I can't imagine any of this happening or any outrageous price like that. 

People don't bet the farm on this. You could lose all of your money. This stuff is opinion only and these guys may and most likely completely wrong with their price predictions 

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Hello sir. Do you feel ok? Should we start comforting you if you have some sort of problem? 


We are here for you. 


Ps : xrp will never be 4 digits. Please stop following uneducated investards and unlicensed financial advisors on social media. Babacoggs is not here to help. Thank you for reading.


God bless 

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Here's all the "value" in the world. Quadrillions in real estate, derivatives, commodities, cash, bonds. This is what Evan Schwartz means by "All. The. Money." DTL, ODL, NFTs, XRP.

XRP at $35,000 is $3.4 quadrillion, enough to cross-transfer the value of everything, which it doesn't have to, but physically could.


Obviously this doesn't happen overnight, all these assets have to be NFT'd first anyway onto blockchains, probably year(s) away.

The same as saying BTC is going to be $56,000 but back in 2012 when it was trading at $3.00, laugh until it happens. $100,000 BTC, $1,000,000 BTC, oh really that's not cray either?


Scroll down all the way to the bottom, I'll wait cause you're going to be awhile scrolling through derivatives.



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