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SEC Was “Dead Wrong” to Sue Ripple, Says Agency’s Former Chair


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18 minutes ago, Barefooter said:

Of course she is going to have harsh words since she is one of Ripples attorneys defending them in this case.

Being a former chair of the SEC certainly gives her excellent credibility however!

that's why no way xrp is securities, it is xrp show in next few days I hope

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I don't understand how the SEC can allege that there was information asymmetry when the SEC allowed the sales of XRP by Larsen, Garlinghouse and Ripple to happen in the open for over seven years.

They were basically setting them up. Their strategy was to let L, G and Ripple sell enough; let them divulge enough information to try to connect them, and then go after them before the next bull run materializes. 

If XRP were at 5 dollars today with as deep market liquidity as BTC, there would be nothing stopping them. The big banks were so scared they must have lobbied to pocket this moment. "System risk". "Global market runs on XRP destabilizing markets". "Too many XRPs in the hands of a company and founders".

It's all a farce. No one cares about retail speculators. They don't care if we lose all of our money. The SEC is not here to protect us. If they were, they would have handled this years ago, not three days before Christmas, and then the imbeciles leave the organization leaving behind and incompetent group of lawyers who don't understand how to regulate this asset class. 

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