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Bullish for something like XRP

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Ripple is very bullish on helping central banks leverage a bridge currency like XRP but maybe not XRP.

“The solution will be a mixture of open-source technology, maybe some elements from RippleNet down the road – it’s still a little early to say exactly.” 


It doesn’t appear Ripple is too bullish on XRP any more. Could XRP become a nothing burger?

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XRP could still eventually be integrated and benefited with CBDC systems, but they will be focusing on offering these services to make profits (rather than solely relying on XRP).

The only reason Ripple previously focused so much on XRP, is because they thought they could sell their holdings for large profits in the short-mid term.  Their holdings will eventually run out. As well as this could potentially be stopped this year based on the SEC lawsuit.

As long as Ripple continues to exist, its only a matter of time when they lose interest in XRP and focus on other product services to be profitable.  This could happen as soon as this year, if they are restricted from selling XRP for profits.

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This isn't new. They realized years ago that banks weren't going to use the XRPL directly. They pivoted their strategy. If you've got lots of money and want to move it, they'll help you do so however you want to move it. This change happened like 5 years ago - around the time they announced Interledger and Codius (and a bunch of other services). From Ripple's perspective, the ledger is just one tool in their toolkit. That said, it seems like the ledger is starting to come back in prominence, we'll see.

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9 hours ago, Scout said:

It doesn’t appear Ripple is too bullish on XRP any more. Could XRP become a nothing burger?

Funny, I carefully listened to the interview with James Wallis and my take on it is entirely different. 

Wallis emphasized the importance of interoperability and creating an internet of value and he said Ripple's solution for CBDCs will be a mixture of RippleNet and RippleX. Ripple's overall strategy has not changed, the detail has, Wallis said. 

He calls ODL (using XRP as a bridge asset to avoid the need for trillions of prefunding) a game changer, an incredible innovation. In Asia Ripple has had new deals signed and it generated 1,700% growth in transactions, which is huge. Wallis said he doesn't want to blow the trumpet too much but the evidence supports Ripple's the clear market leader, he said. 


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