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Where can one buy XRP, when they live in New York?


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To further Brian ... 

U can buy directly via the exchanges he mentioned, or ... 

U can also pick up a stable coin on Kraken, Coinbase, or Gemini, and then send the stable coin to Coinloan, Bitrue, Celsius, or Nexo to buy XRP. (Tho I loathe Coinbase, I'd recommend USDC ... most all stables are on ETH, so expect them to be slow (10+ min) and expensive ($5+)) 




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On 2/19/2021 at 12:37 AM, brianwalden said:

I'm also in New York. Uphold, KuCoin, Gatehub are a few. I haven't actually used them, I've just been holding forever. You can get money in using Coinbase or Gemini, they're licenced in New York.

I can buy it for you and send to your private wallet

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USD into Coinbase (USDT/BTC/ETH).

VPN (non-US IP) to set-up binance.com with an unverified account.

Then transfer to binance and buy whatever you want. Move it off exchange afterwards. As long as you don't exceed their daily and/or monthly volumes you will never need to go through KYC.

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