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An interesting (long) opinion piece by Diego Parrilla:

Bitcoin: Bubble or Anti-Bubble?



I believe we have a Big Problem with Fiat Currencies, Asset Bubbles, and Inflation. I also believe that Blockchain and Crypto are great technological innovations that have the potential to disrupt certain industries. I do however believe that Bitcoin and Crypto are quickly becoming a clear enemy of the Central Banks. The old adage warns us to “Never Fight the Fed” as we know they will do “whatever it takes” to keep their monopoly over fiat money and the privilege of Seigniorage, and thus why investors should be ready for additional regulation, taxation, or even outright prohibition as illegal tender. In addition, I believe the thesis and narrative have fundamentals flaws, including the Scarcity Fallacy or Value Creation Fallacy, and thus why, overall, my personal conclusion is “Bitcoin is 80% Bubble and 20% Anti-Bubble”.

Just my personal opinion. Nothing personal. The analysis is comprehensive but not exhaustive and subject to my own biases and blind spots. Whether we agree, disagree, or agree that we disagree, I hope the analysis will complement your own and help you reach independent conclusions.


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Crypto 'per se' is not the enemy of central banks or the Fed.  They will use this Tech, of that I have no doubt. What they will try to do is (IMHO) do away with privacy and control of your Wallet

Crypto 'per se' is not the enemy of central banks or the Fed.  They will use this Tech, of that I have no doubt.

What they will try to do is (IMHO) do away with privacy and control of your Wallet.

The Money rulers will want to know where every person spends every crypto penny, and they will want to have full control of every crypto wallet.

Crypto ultimately gives Governments full control of your spending power and there for you.

Good Citizens - you can have 1% interest on your wallet, Bad Citizen you get 0% interest on your wallet. Enemy of the state (wrong think) = Wallet frozen 

Forget cash in hand swaps for goods and services.

I can't see the world going any other way.

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In my opinion, now is not the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies, namely in bitcoin due to its high price, but I believe that it will periodically and after that will decrease in price. The best time to start a business with bitcoin is when it falls in price, because after statistics and after the practice of previous years, bitcoin always rises at high prices, and after that it falls. This time, because Elon Musk invested a large amount of money, bitcoin has reached a very high price, but in my opinion, this is something temporary. In our day trading had become like a good business as well as i have seen guys who sell differents crypto signals for those who trading on differents platforms.

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I started investing in bitcoin a couple of years ago and faced huge challenges. For example, buying bitcoin will never protect you from complete bankruptcy, since the price for it constantly jumps up and down, and it is very difficult to predict this. Regardless, I came across an article that helped me explaining bitcoin. With this article, I was able to invest my money correctly and with great security. So I believe that if you are a beginner trader, then you should definitely delve deeper into trading strategies.

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