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XRP Debit card


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So with the imminent collapse of the USD it would be a shame to loose the last of what I haven't already put into crypto and SILVER in my bank account, but I do need live. 

Does anyone know of a debt card that I can link to a crypto wallet that will support me holding all of my funds in XRP?


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1 hour ago, Daniel8 said:

If its XRP that is the problem I could hold in XRP and then when I want to make a purchase I could move a certain amount to XLM

besides uphold, I'm sure there are others that still trade XRP pairs for US customers, search for that, then yes you could move into another asset and have that loaded to the card for spending

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It looks like the crypto.com card would work in the United States.  I've got an email out to them now.
Also another one https://mercuryo.io has a card that converts bitcoin into USD.

At this point I don't really care what crypto it is as long as it is not USD in a bank.  That's collapsing soon.  But I will be patient enough to here from crypto.com.

I have XRP on my ledger and am holding that. So i'd be fine with bitcoin on a visa.


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It seems like the best thing for me to do is to keep one month expenses in USD at the bank and the rest on Exchange account and trade accordingly.  As I need to add more USD to my account I will do that.

Coinbase is soon coming out with a visa.  I bet all the other exchanges will be soon to follow.

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