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Ripple, SEC rule out ‘prospect of a settlement at this time’

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"Contrary to the hopes of many, Ripple Labs and the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission have ruled out the “prospect of a settlement at this time,” according to a joint letter filed by the parties before a United States District Judge.

...As of now, it is still unclear what the implications for Ripple and XRP will be going forward...."


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7 minutes ago, Scout said:

Such a waste of time and money. Hard to believe. In the mean time rack up XRP from BTC rallies and make off like a bandit.

I respectfully disagree. All previous actions against Crypto Entities have been dealt with without a great deal of outcry from Hodlers of any denomination or the Crypto Press.

This case against Ripple/Brad/Chris looks to be set up to provide, " Precedence."  " Clarity," and defined Crypto Regulations. For Years now we have been fed info that Ripple was working with the SEC to produce such terms. Remember the old maxim ; " If it looks like a Duck, and it Quacks like a Duck, it may be a young Swan.

Selling Your Bags of XRP now may be a mistake You live to regret. XRP's Life is very very much in it's infancy.

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