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Problem sending USDC out of Coinbase Pro


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So last night I finally committed to sending my savings account to Nexo to get that sweet 8% instead of next to nothing from the bank. After testing with small amounts, I deposited my money into Coinbase, waited a week for it to settle, converted it to USDC, sent it to Coinbase Pro, and then last night tried to send the USDC to Nexo. It never got there. The transaction is stuck in pending. There's nothing on the Ethereum ledger for it. Coinbase still shows the coins as mine, but they're stuck on hold in the pending transaction. I've put in a message with support and I'm waiting in purgatory.

Does anyone have experience with this from Coinbase? This was in the middle of Bitcoin tanking and taking the whole crypto market with it last night. I suspect that the transaction never happened for one reason or another and the Ethereum ledger agrees with me (too much volume and it didn't make the block, the transaction fee was too low, Coinbase couldn't connect to an Ethereum node at the time, etc.). This is a big transaction, but it's under their withdrawal limits. I don't understand why the transaction would be stuck in pending when it's clear that there's no transaction for it. Is this just a fluke, or is there something I don't realize going on? I didn't see anything about a hold for large transactions or anything like that.

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On Coinbase's subreddit everyone is complaining about this. I don't understand how this can happen. If the the action doesn't result in an on-ledger transaction, cancel it and free up people's funds.

I'm in NY, I don't have a lot of options. This is one of the huge problems of the crypto world in general. The onramps and offramps to the decentralized ledgers suck. In what other business can you deal with this much money and have such horrible customer service. And Coinbase is supposed to be one of the best out there and you pay for it with their fees.

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