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Self signed certificate in certificate chain


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What does this mean? Self signed certificate in certificate chain? I transferred some xrp from my coinbase to my ledger and apparently coinbase said it was successfully delivered but I haven’t received it on my ledger live. I try to synchronize the xrp account but I keep getting that message in red - self signed certificate in certificate chain. 

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It potentially means that something is sitting in between you and the Ledger servers attempting to listen to or modify your communications.

It may be some sort of firewall/antivirus (especially if you're using a work computer), but it could easily be malicious and you should proceed with extreme caution. Whatever it is, it may be able to read all of the data you send to all websites and online services, even encrypted data to HTTPS sites, including usernames, passwords and two factor authentication.

From a security point of view, you should stop using this computer/phone for anything until you've worked out what's causing this. You should change all passwords on important websites from another device.

You can start investigating the issue by browsing to any HTTPS website from the affected device and using your browser's tools to check the certificate being used, it may show up something suspicious.

To find out if you actually received your XRP, check your wallet address on Bithomp.

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