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EDIT: I got this completely wrong. The Trustlines Blockchain is a minimal viable Proof-of-Stake (mPoS) Ethereum sidechain.

Mods please move to Altcoins and General Fintech.

Just came across this app (for Android and iOS) built on the XRPL by an ex-Ripple employee. My take is that it uses trustlines to mimic aspects of the LETS trading system, plus potentially a lot more.

Economic Inclusion For All


About the Trustline App

We believe that everyone, including the 1.7 billion unbanked adults, can have access to digital payments and credit.

The Trustlines App reflects the idea of people-powered money where value can be created and managed by each individual without any intermediaries.

It enables you to build your own financial system and pay anyone within your network in seconds.

The app is helpful for time-banking, community currencies, and multiple other use-cases.


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