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Newbie Trade Question


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I got cold feet and after probably a year and a half I decided to bail out of my xrp.  It was in the middle of the recent price rise and I stood to make 100% on my initial investment.  Mind you I never trade and this was the first time on GateHub since I migrated the account.  I chose to "exchange" all of my xrp for dollars.  I got a notice saying it was successful so I assumed that now my wallet would indicate the balance in $s but it did not and it still indicated xrp.  I looked to see if the trade was still "open" and it said there were no open trades.  I went to transactions and viewed the description of the trade and it said it was successful and gave a ledger number.  So, I am baffled as to why my balance shows the original xrp and not the dollars.

Sorry if this is an impossibly lame question, I am completely unfamiliar with the process.  If someone could explain for a Newbie I would much appreciate it.

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The balance is shown in bold  in multiple currencies on that initial wallet page. Just click on the arrow and choose $ - it may still be set to show in XRP from when you held it.

I imagine when you look at the actual holdings further down it will show only US$ -......

I maybe wrong....

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