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AnchorUSD exchange HELP


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Purchased Coins January 25th and the email said I would be able to withdraw on the 28th. Money has been taken from my bank account and I still can’t withdraw.. tried to contact them through email and on Twitter and completely ignored. I feel sick, need help!! 

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I've used them. They were very, very slow both times I withdrew...as in 3-5 days for an XRP withdraw!! Both times I had to resort to Twitter, which I never use. I publicly Tweeted and DM'd them. I wasn't over-the-top rude, but it was embarrassing to them. The latter started this time last week and concluded a couple days ago. 

In their defense, they are apparently increasing their customer base very fast and experiencing growing pains. 

I know I was getting pretty spooked, having seen multiple exchange collapses from MTGox to Cred. If u notice, AnchorUSD's deposit address is at Coinbase! Given Coinbase's current stance on XRP, I think this is part of the withdraw problem for AnchorUSD.

Good luck. I feel you'll be fine though. 


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