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Gatehub wants to re-encrypt my wallets!?


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I'm signing into an ancient gatehub account and they're making me reencrypt my wallets before I do anything. Help me understand exactly what this is doing before I do it. It sounds like this is disabling the secret key for signing transactions and setting a new key.


Here's what their support page says: https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us/articles/360026281633-Re-encryption-using-Regular-Keys

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It is pretty much what you said,

Essentially they will generate a new XRP account and secret key, and set that new account to be the "Regular key" for your old wallet. This allows transactions on your old wallet to be signed with the secret key of the new wallet. Then they will disable the "Master key" (original secret key) of your old wallet, meaning that the old secret can no longer be used to sign transactions. If you want to re-enable the master key later, then you can (although you may need to use other wallet software to do so, I don't know if Gatehub supports it).

Ref: https://xrpl.org/assign-a-regular-key-pair.html

They are probably doing this because it's possible that your original secret key was compromised in the hack in 2019.

Beware that not all wallet software supports using regular keys.

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Thanks. I don't even know what wallets I have in there. And I can't see anything  on the site until I do it. But I don't want to do this for my wallets that I have the keys for. I have a second account with them and this may be the reason why. I think I just abandoned this old one instead of messing with the keys.

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