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help needed to transfer xrp from gatehub to poloniex


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6 minutes ago, mm421wsp said:

It's not technically your wallet, it's the exchanges'.  If you have double checked the tag, you should be fine.  Test with a small amount if you are unsure.


i transfered 100 xrp to poloniex so how long does it takes to get there?

Never mind, it's there

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Just now, XRPInTime said:

Gotcha. I noticed the same thing on USD exchanges, but if you exchange it for ETH or BTC it seems to be on par with the actual market value. Going to check out Poloniex as well just to keep my options open. Thanks. 

i only want to swap xrp for dollars and vice versa

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18 minutes ago, XRPInTime said:

Cool. You must be outside the US. I just checked and I forgot that I already had a Poloniex account that I haven't used it in a long time because they stopped servicing US customers as of 11/1/19

Well i didn't know that, and i'm from europe alright.

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