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New York exchange for trading XRP


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I have same question for basically ANY state- bitrue website lists all 50 states as restricted regions (not serviced).  US exchanges have stopped trading XRP, although XRPL DEX might work, I haven't tried it.  Seems odd that this subject has not been discussed in greater detail on the chat, or I'm just not seeing the threads.  Resolution of the lawsuit needs to happen quickly.


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I signed up and tested GateHub last night and so far it seems to be working ok for me. Only downside seems to be that they are significantly undervaluing the coins if you try and exchange them for USD. Did some test exchanges with 25xrp each, swapping them for ETH and BTC and the prices seemed to be in line with the markets. I did not test swapping them back to XRP yet. This is one of my main concerns since I do still want to be able to buy back in. Thought I would have more time today on the pump. Should have considered the time zones. FWIW, I've been on there less than 24 hours. Hoping that there was enough success last night that the Asian markets will do the same thing again today when people start waking up. 

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