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Ripple Hit with Yet Another Lawsuit Over Securities Law Violations


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A lawsuit for $50. I wonder what the court fee for filing is? Not to derail this, but seriously I couldn't get an attorney when I told them that I had been set up to murdered and if I was right it would take place 1 month prior to the publication date of a university producing a seizure drug. Two weeks prior a cop was starring me down slapping a maglite in his hand. The night the incident occurred two guys walked out of a bar saying they were going to kill someone. (wearing black trench coats and a baseball hat). My skull was broken in sixteen places requiring three plates around the left eye and four screw into the maxillia. This guy files a suit of $50 bucks and an injury attorney tells me he's worried about me hurting him and to never call again. Just for sakes of purpose, and yes a bad experience on my part, and a little bitter about it, but come on, that suit is less than meeting the muster of what the legal system, especially in Florida should be taking on.  

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The attorney clearly went along with this to get some publicity for himself. The ripple SEC case is high profile and if he can latch hold to even a little bit of that publicity it will be worth it even if it means fleecing his dumb client.  Hopefully the SEC gets done with this sooner rather than later the longer it goes the more crap like this we will see.

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