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Newbie to Cryptos trying to get XRP ASAP


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I am a US Citizen and just getting into Crypto right now for the purpose of buying XRP.  I am hoping to get in before the the SEC makes their verdict on the current situation.

Exchanges are too slow right now for verification.  SO far I have tried 3-4 and none of them have processed me in a week.  To much money running to cryptos.

So my plan is this- My ledger nano comes in Tuesday.  I am going to use Ledger Live to convert USD to ETH and use SimpleSwap to convert ETH to XRP and then move XRP back to the Ledger nano.  
Does that sound like a good way to go about it?

Has anyone funded USD to ledger live?  Is that something I can do a wire transfer for?  Is it smooth or a PITA?

How about Simpleswap?  It asks for my XRP address.  Is that from the XRP app off of my ledger?  Is that address self explanatory once I have the XRP app on my ledger?

Is there any technical advice you can offer about the very simple and basic aspcets of making this specific transfer?

(Note, I am not asking for security type advice since I do think I have that part down.  Just have never actually done a trade or funded an account.

Thank you!!!!

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