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15 minutes ago, Alluvial said:

Hopefully, the Digital Commodity Exchange Act can get passed in the near future.  Below is a link to it showing its history and the language of the proposed law.  Subsection D to one of the sections called "Prior Digital Commodities" looks like it would be helpful for xrp and Ripple.  


thanks for the link. I guess it is what will happen soon and the lawsuit will be dismissed.


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1 hour ago, Alluvial said:

Unfortunately, the SEC's real mandate is not about helping investors, it's about generating fines that exceed its budget so the SEC can proudly tell everyone what a helpful wonderful regulatory body it is.

We should all realize by now that gov't and those in power otherwise have no interest in helping those over whom they govern. They also play king maker when it suits them.

Inferior tech like BTC and ETH get a free pass and XRP, that's actually used to move money without gouging its user base to pay off miners for transaction priority, gets thrown under the bus. 


Class action against Tether for market manipulation and BTC pumps like a muddafacka. Who knows if they even have the cash-on-hand they claim they do? But it's ok, let them go about their business. Maybe they asked J Powell Wow about how to make their Tether printer go "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr".

Ask Max Keiser about the Tether lawsuit and he just brushes off.  Uh huh, says the Russian Gov't-sponsored, ex-Wall Street trader that now shills Bitcoin.



The reason Vitalik came out and sh@t on XRP, calling it a sh!tcoin, is because he knows Flare and XRP are about to, in the words of Charles Hoskinson, "Eat their f*ckin' lunch."  Using Vitalik's own Ethereum smart contract logic at that, lol.

How ya like them apples? None of this "PoW -> PoS but maybe hopefully it'll be ready, but next, next year" non-sense. Ya think maybe they should have thought through this whole proof of work thing, no? Gas fees gougin' gravy train coming to an end, my dude. 

Flare+XRP = FX = Near instant settlement of smart contracts for pennies per.

Fear the Zerp.

I screenshot it, just in case he wants to apologize later after he deletes it...:spinlol:



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If the SEC's mission is to protect American housholds and investors,  the SEC would have issued clear guidance about what is and is not a security when XRP was born  7 years ago.   We the XRP traders have been trading XRP as a digital currency or a digital asset for about 7 years.  So the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple(XRP) is unacceptable  and unreasonable.  The White House should review the petition from the XRP investors and persuade and ask the SEC to withdraw its lawsuit against Ripple. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-ask-federal-government-deem-xrp-virtual-currency-currency

Also Ripple company must deeply consider burning or airdropping all XRP in the escrow account to clear controversy about the escrow account 

Why do we the innocent  Ripple(XRP) holders suffer big loss now?   

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