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Our new distributed app proposes to do just that, using xx network’s platform features to vastly increase the scale, speed and assurance of fact checking. Using the power of the crowd and “trustless” verification through xx network’s breakthrough technologies, it is possible to reliably decentralize the cost and time intensive job of sharing and weighing evidence. Unlike traditional fact-checking methods, our system has the potential to provide label data as a service at scale for AI applications, and annotate misinformation in near real time on social media platforms.

How it works

  1. Random sample juries assess the merits of claims submitted for adjudication and labelling.
  2. Jurors are anonymous to prevent vote tampering.
  3. Public sentiment is gathered in the form of stakes, in which community members can back or contest a claim with reputation as well as currency.
  4. Evidence is gathered and securely stored on the xx blockchain, where it can’t be altered, and anyone can inspect and comment on it.
  5. Stakes are awarded to participants when judgments are issued.

Very interesting concept. This is the project Chris Larsen & David Chaum are involved with. 

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Sounds like truth.ebay.com - that's always the trouble with scaling up these "oracles."

Here's a test question for this mechanism:  "XRP is a security" / "XRP is not a security"

Which one gets censored or annotated or labelled or whatever?  Is this a "good idea?"

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