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'Two way' payment verification idea


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Look I'm just brainstorming here. Maybe this is the proper role of ILP anyway or has been tried and failed... 

I was thinking the other day about a super simple app/script or whatever, that would open a "channel" between a sending and receiving address, and double-check for users that both are communicating with each other, synchronised, before a payment is made/confirmed.

I'm sure we've all had that terrifying moment when we send a transaction and it gets stuck for a while, and for those seconds or minutes, or even hours, we wonder if the funds are lost, or if we input the wrong memo tag, or left a character off an address, or whatever.

What about if there was some standard way to get two addresses to synch over a third platform, or whatever, where you got a sort of "green light" if you will to proceed with sending the transaction, like a short confirmation code that's the same and appears at both ends/wallets, that you can check, so you know you haven't screwed up, before sending the actual funds. 

The reason I considered ILP (interledger protocol) was simply because it's already a developing web payments standard; I think it synchs with PayString as well, no? And also because technically you could send a "packet" payment so tiny that for all intents it's worthless, but that verifies the send/receive for the actual payment proper.

Also – and again this is totally head in the clouds, brainstorming nonsense, but – what about a way to "incentivise" this standard being used by actually sending a TINY nanopayment in advance, which the receipient gets to keep as a kind of "admin fee" or incentive to join up to the standard, but if and only if, the payment is cancelled? 

That way no one loses any significant funds, but when thinking about millions or billions of potential payments, there's a small incentive for the reciepient to integrate? It's somewhat vaguely like what customers are already used to (at least in the UK) with banks, where now many banking apps have a live lookup, to check the account and routing/sort number of the receiving bank details. It's a nice UX feature, which ironically crypto seems to be behind on! 

Anyway, I'm not a technical person, so this idea is probably totally stupid and moronic for all the reasons you're about to tell me... :D 


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