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While the SEC suit really dragged xrp down in the short term, I believe that a lot of people see that there's enormous potential for what a good outcome will mean. Additionally, not only does the SEC'

All new accounts I see this week on the forum , saying bullish things and tempting people to buy more XRP. Hello bots!

hello bears, where are you, xrp hit 1.1 recently

Of course they are crypto friendly, they hate the dollar and they want a single world entity.  This may seem good for crypto holders but in every other important aspect of a world economy this is terrible. They want us to be the next Venezuela and that's nothing to be happy about.  Obviously Bitcoin explodes as the Dollar declines and news of Biden winning continues the decline of the dollar - the collapse of the US currency just like when George Soros Broke the Bank of England.  It is bitter sweet for us holding. 

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 It is a matter of time for Ripple(XRP) to reach all time highs once the SEC drop its frivolous lawsuit against Ripple. 

Ripple CEO needs to drive the SEC so as to drop the lawsuit against Ripple , saving the SEC's face. Speedy negotiation is absolutely needed for Ripple investors. 




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4 hours ago, Jack21 said:

the lawsuit might be a part of the plan to make xrp 2x ath, a lot of things is unknown for the stupid and surprising lawsuit. 

Stop with the ridiculous theories. The Lawsuit is hurting XRP, not taking it to some new high and the case against Brad, Chris, and Ripple is pretty strong given the foudner's actions.

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On 1/6/2021 at 11:20 PM, Hopium said:

Cute when price risen people starting to say buy, while the sec fud still fresh and drop to rock bottom everyone let go of their xrp 

Buy high sell low

Shhhhh, don't give away our secrets. :ok:

Who else will buy our bags when we want to cash out??

(Let them continue to buy new cars that depreciate 20% as soon as they drive it off the lot....)


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1 hour ago, Jack21 said:

For those criticize me, come back here and bully me when XRP is 0.2, it is firmly above 0.3 now

In case you haven't noticed. Bitcoin is over $40,000 and every other major coin has done 4x(and actually maintined it unlike XRP) since the start of the year. Even before the lawsuit news came out, it was 44 cents and dropping.  XRP's performance is shit. Absolutely no reason to buy it over other coins.

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