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That's right i don't think  ripple would die in case it does there will be create another one that is gonna replace it. I use ripple and MintMe to do all about crypto things and also there i have my custom cryptocurrency and i recommend this one last in case ripple goes down for a while.

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4 minutes ago, LetHerRip said:

He already de-risked and sold most of his bags, the community got left holding them.


I think they're referring to his passion for the project, which is probably less about the money. 

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43 minutes ago, LetHerRip said:

Not much of that left either. He is already looking for new things that motivate him.


Sounds similar to history with Jed getting frustrated and him leaving to start XLM. Which XLM looks to be doing pretty good lately, including OCC ruling in their favor.  Hopefully SEC breaks up Chris and Brad, since the Ripple board of directors has shown too incompetent to do so.

Otherwise, who knows. Maybe we will see a David Schwartz coin passing XRP in development in next 5 years.

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