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Podcast with Greg Kidd "The SEC’s crypto turf war and why XRP isn’t a security"


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Well he is saying SEC have made a real mess by not providing clarity, and this case is not justified.  The action goes right against the mission statement of SEC. There were so many alternative ways of avoiding this confrontation which he see it as a turf war with other agencies for the rights to regulate crypto.  He points out that the US will be the big loser as it cannot control the world and all this is doing is creating an environment of uncertainty for innovation in the US.  He does not provide clues of how Ripple will fight the case or whether they will win or lose.

I found the video full of common sense, but was left with very few answers about the likely outcome.

We who were 100% XRP have to de-risk and try and catch up with the others who have not been hit by SEC (yet?)

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You know, I was wondering what happens if XRP is declared a security. In this situation you will have a US company that has created XRP that is used as a currency all over the world, but not in the US. It sound like a situation where Tesla creates cars that are used all over the world, but are not allowed in the US. Second, the US is tearing down their own biggest innovative Blockchain companies, and let those useless energy consuming currencies like bitcoin and ethereum unaffected. The US must be very stupid to let this happen, despite all the regulations and greed behind this. 

I think, somewhere in this process, politics will win in the favor of Ripple. For the US it will be better if Ripple wins and XRP becomes the #1 currency.



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